Graffiti Alley

1 interventions | 9.14 x 6.1 m | Baltimore, Maryland, Estats Units d'Amèrica

Located in between West North Ave. and 19th 1/2 St. and in between North Howard St. and Maryland Ave. in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District, Graffiti Alley is the only legal art space in Baltimore City where street artists can create their work freely without fear of prosecution. Creativity and artistic collaborations flourish in the alley as street artists, young and old, create piece over piece and modify existing works of art. Many art teachers, including those from MICA and Baltimore City schools, bring their students to Graffiti Alley to learn about street art and graffiti. Photographers, models, filmmakers, and musicians also travel from all over the East Coast to conduct photo shoots and film music videos in this L-shaped alley.

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