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WOMART JAM Madrid & Barcelona

Events , newsletter | 09-12-2020

Last weekend 28th and 29th of November we held Womart JAM!

The action was carried out simultaneously in Barcelona and Madrid, with the aim of creating a space for female empowerment to claim the lack of gender equality in the urban art field.

More than 20 female artists, selected through an open call, participated in both events, that were held in the free walls of each city. In them the artists painted their works, many of them very political and linked to the 25N (international day for the elimination of violence against women)

On the 28th the Womart JAM was held in Madrid, in which 10 participating artists completed a mural on the wall of Dr. García Tapia, with artworks of two meters high and up to four meters wide.

On a turquoise background, at the end of the day the pieces by Lara Padilla , Ana Dévora , Sara Vidigal, Elisa Calle, Sara Velázquez , Elena González , Ángela Manchola , Marta Herrero , Shara Limone and Jimenaat brightened in the surface.

"But are you already erasing the paintings underneath?" A neighbor who was passing by for a walk with her friend on Saturday morning asked with some sadness. When she learned that it was an intervention made only by women and in the heat of the 25N demands, the reaction was different. "That needs to be done! I have a macho at home so we have to claim what women do on the street!" said while leaving.

While on Saturday in Madrid some interventions were already beginning to disappear, in Barcelona the Womart JAM had only just begun. Nuria Toll and Anna Taratiel, invited artists, worked together to send a clear and direct message in the central walls of the square. The Wallspot artists Gemma Fontanals, Marina Vallo, La Castillo, Maria Gargot, Ro Ledesma, Eloise Willow, Núria Farré, Garoi_ne, Maru Ruíz and Galleta Maria , painted their pieces on the side walls, enhancing the importance of the role of women within this field.

Among the attendees, there was an atmosphere of complicity and support as well as festive. The residents of the area, as they passed through the square, stopped to photograph the works and the artists, since it was totally unusual to see a space as masculinized as the Parc de les Tres Xemeneies, full of women artists.

Womart JAM aims to contribute at structuring a community of women muralist who, in different phases of their artistic careers or fondness for urban art, have created the embryo of a collective to come together and paint on the free walls in both cities. From Wallspot we want to thank all the artists for their participation and for having helped us create such an special event.