Wallspot Post - WOMART JAM 8M


Sunday March 6th, the third edition of Womart JAM took place in the Three Chimneys Park in Barcelona. As part of the celebration of 8-M, Rebobinart organized an artistic day that aims to promote female talent in urban art, to make visible the situations of gender inequality and the need to create spaces of denunciation in the artistic field.

Fractal Tattoo, Carola Bagnato, Galletamaria, Maria Cuellar, Killa Ek, Magia Trece, Ivonne Navarro and Sigrid Amores were the artists selected by the two Guest Artists of Wallspot Maga and Gemma Fontanals to capture on the walls the need to recognize and make women's work visible with the message: "Work has a woman's voice".

The Asociación in vía, a social entity that works to prevent the conditions of inequality that generate violence and discrimination, collaborated in the event. Some of the women users made a community mural, created by the artist LaCastillo, on which they wrote: "We want to be free, alive and without fear".