Wallspot Post - WILD LIFE JAM


Events | 26-04-2021

Last Sunday the 25th the Wild Life JAM was held at the Tres Xemeneies Wallspot!

Carola Bagnato and Ekosaurio, the JAM guest artists, were in charge of making the selection of the 8 artists who participated in this event. The day started a bit cloudy, but as the sun rose, the works by Zane, Núria Cintero, Silvia Ospina, Inventura Studio, Pepasso, Santiago Elefante, Art3sano, Ana de Lima, and Irina Muñoz, filled the sidewall of the square.

On a green background, the artists captured all kinds of animals and vegetation, each with its own style and technique, thus creating a set of pieces that left no one indifferent. Throughout the day, an atmosphere of support and camaraderie was created among the Wallspot artists, which allowed the sharing of diverse opinions and experiences among the participants.

We want to thank the participation and predisposition of all the artists, the collaboration of Montana Colors, Montó Pinturas and the Sants Montjuic district, without them this event would not have been possible. If you have been wanting to participate in a Wallspot JAM, remember that there are still some open calls: