Wallspot Post - WALL LAB


WALL LAB , | 07-07-2019

Wall Lab is a Wallspot project aimed at artistic experimentation in public spaces and at the creation of long-lasting murals on walls with different formats.

Unlike the open walls where the works are ephemeral, this initiative aims to offer spaces where works will last from half a year up to one year. Therefore, the main goal is to make new spaces available to artists, professionals and different people linked to the creative field so that they can develop their artistic skills and professional projects and obtain a wider impact since the work will be on the streets for a long period of time.

Through an Open Call, Wallspot makes the selection of the artists that will participate in the different editions of this programme. All Wallspot artists who are currently active within the platform can apply, always being required to have painted any of the Wallspot walls during the previous months of the Open Call, and to have posted images of their works on their artists’ profile. 

In addition to performing a work on a medium or large format wall, artists are provided with an artistic fee as well as press and online promotion on Wallspot’s communication channels and of its Media Partners.

This way, this initiative intends to enable new spaces for artistic creation, always with the aim of highlighting the work of different Wallspot artists while offering them support in the production of these murals.