Wallspot Post - Wall Lab by Bemie

Wall Lab by Bemie

WALL LAB | bemie | 29-12-2020

The last Wall Lab of the year was held between December 23rd and 24th!

The urban artist Bemie has been selected to participate in this edition in collaboration with "Parc Científic de Barcelona". This research center has been committed to the fusion of art and science for years, with the aim of stimulating the local creative tissue while giving visibility to this aspect of the center.
The artist Bemie has been commissioned to perform a medium-format mural in one of the outer walls of the center. The theme of the work was nanotechnology, managing to link art and science. The aim of the mural revolved around bringing this very concrete, and at the same time essential, area of science closer to people. This way, showing that, through art, diverse technical concepts that usually are only accessible to a certain group of the population, can better understood for everyone. 

This Wall Lab is planned to be held every two years in collaboration with Parc Cientific de Barcelona, in this way we will be able to collectively stimulate the professionalization of urban art, while promoting the values of the center.

This project has been developed in collaboration with the Parc Científic de Barcelona, and has received the support of Montana Colors, Montó Pinturas and the district of Les Corts, Barcelona.