Wallspot Post - Wall Lab April2022

Wall Lab April2022

Events , WALL LAB | Dante Arcade | 05-04-2022

Last Monday, April 4th, the first edition of this year's Wall Lab was held. It was celebrated at the Forum Park in Barcelona and this time the selected artist was Dante Arcade.

This artist builds in his works a particular retro universe where futurism and vintage go hand in hand. For this occasion, Dante uses the influence of the nineties, the Memphis style, vectorization and vibrant colors and amalgamates them with Miami vibes, the influence of comics and graffiti, creating a mural where he merges everything and at the same time preserves his personal style. In the artist's words: "It's like a cocktail shaker where you take all these influences and when you mix them together they continue keeping all their codes".

Unlike the open walls where the works are usually ephemeral, this initiative aims to offer spaces where works are executed that will have a permanence of half a year to a year. Rebobinart, in addition to being in charge of the production of the wall, provided the participating artist with all the material necessary to develop his work, artistic fees and a photographic compilation to promote his artistic trajectory.