Wallspot Post - Wall Claim - Dia del Aire Limpio

Wall Claim - Dia del Aire Limpio

WALL CLAIM | Maga | 09-09-2021

Wall Claim is one of Wallspot's artistics programs. This September's edition will revolve around the International Day for Clean Air.

Just one year ago, the UN established 7th of September as the International Day of Clean Air for a blue sky, and for that reason we want to raise awareness about this date through art. From the 13th until the 16th of September, the artist Maga will be painting a mural of this edition in the exterior wall of Centre Cultural La Farinera del Clot.  

Maga (Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona) is an illustrator, mural painter and educator. Regarding her work, she feels in constant transformation, but it's mainly based on the creation of characters that want to express themselves through their gestures and surroundings. Different influences can be sensed, like comic, japanese illustration, surrealism, mithology, hip hop, urban art, etc. Through this characteristic style she will execute the mural that will be inspired by clean air, so the population can become aware of the importance of our environment and promote the respect for the spaces we live in. 

Furthermore, a talk will take place in Casal Jove La Traca, thanks to the Neighbours Association, who have been fighting to reduce CO² emissions in places where thay have been found to be high. Some of the members of the group will explain firsthand how they have been locating the more polluted zones of the neighbourhood so far, and their fight in helping stop this climate emergency that is happening in many cities.