Wallspot Post - TOP - Tallers Oberts Poblenou

TOP - Tallers Oberts Poblenou

Last 17th, 18th and 19th of September the Tallers Oberts del Poblenou (TOP) celebrated their 25th anniversary. During the Festa Major del Poblenou, artists and cultural promoters from the neighbourhood got together to motivate the creative community of Poblenou, Barcelona. 

TOP consist in some days in which art workshops open their doors to show their investigation, production and promotion processes, in roder to reinforce the links between the community, specialised or not. 

Organised by members of Top and with the help of Montana Colors and Wallspot, last 17th of September a graffiti Jam was organised, with the objective of putting the existent community and cultural tissue on the spot, and to increase the bonds between citizens and culture. The event took place at the Agricultura Wallspot's walls. The assisting artists executed their art pieces looking to motivate the profession and work of the Poblenou's urban artists. Them and the neighbours got together hand by hand in an enriching experience, where art gets closer to the citizens that enjoy it.

Always thankful with Montana Colors and the members of the Tallers Oberts del Poblenou for their essential collaboration.