Videos , Stories , newsletter | sergibastida | 20-11-2019

Today we introduce you Sergi Bastida!

Sergi is an artist from Barcelona who is mainly focused on muralism and graphic design. He studied Self-publishing and Advertising Graphics at La Llotja and Pau Gargallo, respectively. Other of his passions are animals, and this is why we want to highlight his work.
Apart from devoting himself to mural painting and making paintings under request, Sergi also invests his time in promoting the adoption of animals through painting. Everything started thanks to his dog Luchi, since with her the artist has realised that all dogs and cats need a home. That's why whenever he can, he tries to help animal associations by promoting adoption through his murals. When he is performing his works, he looks closely at the shape and dimensions of the walls in which he will intervene, since they condition the result of his creations, where he always tries to reflect his esteem towards animals.
Here is a video where Sergi explains his work and his process of creation. Nevertheless, it is not a simple video as it hides a beautiful story between him and Mikhail (Lets Film Production) that Sergi explains to us in first person:
“I met Mikhail on Instagram, many years ago. He is from Siberia but he is spends his summers in Sitges. In one of the many conversations we had via internet, we proposed to see each other in Barcelona one of the days he was in Sitges in order to film a video of my mural process.
We met early in the morning and went to explore the city and some murals I had made, then we went home to see Luchi. Finally we went to the free walls in Poblenou, where I made the portrait of his cat Chica. It was a surprise for him because he did not know that I would paint it in a large size”
Sergi always strives to make his works as integrated as possible in the environments of the neighborhoods where he paints, since it fills him a lot so that people are happy with his murals. As Wallspot we support this type of initiatives, since art is always a good tool to raise public awareness, because behind it there are always feelings, emotions or messages that sometimes can make us change our point of view, or just open our eyes.

Video&Photos: Mikhail