Wallspot Post - PUNTO DE FUGA by Claudio Drë

PUNTO DE FUGA by Claudio Drë

Events , Stories | Claudio Drë | 28-10-2020

Claudio Drë presents Punto de Fuga, an exhibition in Barcelona.

Claudio Drë is a Chilean artist who is currently based in Barcelona. He began in the world of art through graffiti and technical drawing, and after a few years transferred his work to canvas, creating oil, acrylic and spray paintings. His works have reached an international level, since they have been presented in Chile, Latin America and various cities in Europe.

The works of this Wallspot artist are exhibited in Ronda Barcelona. The exhibition includes a total of nineteen acrylic and aerosol paintings, made between 2016 and 2020. All of them are guided by the concepts of geometry, abstraction and psychedelia. To produce these pieces, Claudio Drë has been inspired by nature, its geometric shapes, light centers and the representation of physical phenomena. All these elements have led him to create pieces that are the product of an overlap of layers that reveal what was left behind, which reflects the progress in the execution of the painting, and also the personal growth of the author.

Punto de Fuga, an exhibition where improvisation plays a fundamental role, can be visited until November 7 in Ronda Barcelona. So do not miss the chance to stop by and take a look at Claudio Drë's works.