Wallspot Post - BREAKING NEWS! Laagri Spot - Tallinn - Estonia

BREAKING NEWS! Laagri Spot - Tallinn - Estonia

Events , Stories | 01-10-2019

We just signed a contract with the city of Tallinn (Estonia) and we are celebrating the entrance of Laagri Spot, the first public graffiti wall in the whole Baltic region, to the Wallspot system.

Laagri Spot it’s in a brand-new bike and pedestrian tunnel under a highway. With four entrances and a crossing in its center, the location is 8 kilometers from the heart of Tallinn and easily accessible by public transport (train/bus).


Last Sunday the spot was officially inaugurated, with local artists painting, live music and many other activities!

Thank you to everybody who came and joined us and to our partner Spekter - Montana Colors Estonia!

Pictures by Reigo Tori