Stories | 25-02-2020

We are sad to inform you that the Agricultura Wall will disappear in the upcoming months from the free walls managing system Wallspot. This wall located in the neighborhood of Poble Nou, has the biggest surface available in Barcelona, since it surrounds an entire block that goes from 2 meters to 10 meters high.

It was opened in 2014 and since then there have been more than 2115 interventions. With this wall “Murs Lliures” began, a project which aim was to revitalise disused spaces and which over the years was transformed into a Wallspot as we know it today. Agriculture was the starting point to promote urban art and make artists visible both nationally and internationally.

The Agricultura Wall, like other Wallspot walls located in the Poble Nou like Selva de Mar and Western Town, will be affected by the 22@ project. This consists of transforming the industrial area of the neighborhood, where these walls are located, and turning it into an area of strategic concentration of knowledge-intensive activities in order to create a new model of a compact city. Years ago, the 22 @ project was paused, a fact that made urban art in the Poble Nou expand. Now that it is active again, therefore, some of the free walls in the area are disappearing. While these walls cease to exist, from Wallspot we have contacted new managers and cities, and we are getting new walls that will be opened gradually. We hope they will be as successful as these first walls in Poble Nou were.