Festivals | 29-07-2022

Next October we celebrate the MIGRATION JAM-BCN, to address the issues around all kinds of migratory movements, humanitarian crises and racism. This JAM coincides with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Wallspot this 2022.

On this occasion we collaborate with the collective Dos Latinas, a platform and foundation that works with artists, artisans and creatives to generate a diverse community using art as a tool for the struggle and defense of Human Rights. Dos Latinas vindicates diversity with a focus on Latin American dynamics.  

Through this JAM, Wallspot wants to solidify its social commitment to activist struggles that have a central role in the local context, and defend urban art as a tool to make visible and raise awareness about the diversity of minority groups in our community.

The Migration JAM will be held next Sunday, October 23 on the walls of Tres Xemeneies. The call is open to all artists registered on the platform, who have painted on the Wallspot walls between 2019 and 2022. Two Guest Artists will participate in this event, who will be in charge of selecting the 8 artists, among all those registered, who will have the opportunity to participate in this JAM.

Montana Colors will provide the material for the participants to develop their works, and in addition, each intervention will be documented with images and disseminated in our communication channels (web, social networks, newsletter) and those of our Media Partners.

If you are interested in participating in the MIGRATION JAM - BCN, just fill out the REGISTRATION FORM.