Wallspot Post - LOGOART JAM Open Call


OPEN CALL | 22-03-2021

Logoart JAM is here, the Wallspot JAM of May!

This JAM is devoted to all the artists who have been able to generate a symbol that over time has become their icon. The Logoart technique consists of creating a logo that is always the same, or very similar, and then it is turned into an identity icon that is totally recognizable.
In recent years the city of Barcelona and many more, have been filled with these logos, which through boombing have become more and more powerful.

On May 16th, the walls of Tres Xemeneies, Barcelona, will host a total of 10 artists, who will have the opportunity to capture their logos in this square. The Open Call is open to all artists registered on the platform, who have painted on the platform's walls between 2019 and 2021. Two Guest Artists will participate in this event, and will be in charge of selecting the 8 artists, from among all the registered, who will have the opportunity to participate in this JAM.

Montana Colors will provide the participants with the necessary material so they can develop their works. Moreover, each intervention will be documented with images and promoted through our communication channels (web, social networks, newsletter) and those of our Media Partners.

If you are interested in participating in the LogoArt JAM, you just have to fill out the REGISTRATION FORM