Wallspot Post - JAM LGTBIQ+ 2023


In the vibrant scenario of Barcelona, on Sunday, June 18th, took place the JAM "There is no home without LGTBIQ+ rights". This event had the main purpose of raising for the rights of refugees belonging to the LGBTQ+ community, while promoting their inclusion and equality. Following the slogan " There is no home without LGTBIQ+ rights" the JAM emerged as a space for creative expression, aiming to raise awareness and give a voice to those courageous refugees who not only face the adversity of leaving their homeland but also confront discrimination and the denial of their rights based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

This event was made possible through the active collaboration of ACATHI, an organization dedicated to providing shelter and protection to LGBTQ+ individuals seeking refuge in Catalonia. With over 20 years of experience, ACATHI has been recognized for their tireless efforts in achieving real inclusion and advocating for the rights of these individuals in crucial areas such as housing, social protection, education, and employment. They work closely with assistance services and public resources to ensure successful integration and a fulfilling life in the host society. Their vision is based on intersectionality, interculturality, intergenerationality, and innovation, recognizing these individuals as rights holders and promoting dialogue, support, and mutual recognition. 

Marcel Serrano was the guest artist in charge of curating the event and painting a wall in the Parc de Les Tres Xemeneies together with: Popi Leguizamon, Killa.EK, Nirv_anna, Fractal Tattoo, G.Nivaria, MainMSR, El Sueño, LMental Wantson and Beti MDR. They all enthusiastically came together to convey, through their distinct artistic styles, the urgency of eradicating discrimination, threats, aggression, and prejudices affecting the LGBTQ+ community.

The event was enriched by ambient music, and ACATHI offered a emotional complementary activity called the "Living Library," where users of the organization shared their experiences and stories, giving an authentic and moving voice to the message of the day. This fostered deep dialogue and increased awareness about the reality faced by LGBTQ+ refugees.

We express our gratitude to Montana Colors and Montó Pintures for their support in advocating the power of urban art to promote equal rights and inclusion in our society.

The Jam ‘There is no home without LGTBIQ+ rights’ brought together a community of artists and committed citizens who stand for human rights and the creation of a more inclusive and diverse world. Our message was clear and resolute: we strive for a society where equality, respect, and unconditional acceptance prevail, regardless of our sexual orientation, gender identity, or origin. Together, we safeguard a future where diversity is celebrated, and discrimination is definitively eradicated.