Wallspot Post - IV WOMART JAM


Last Sunday, March 5th and on the occasion of 8M, Wallspot hosted the fourth edition of WOMART JAM at the Three Chimneys Park under the slogan 'Our ceiling is not glass, it is concrete'.

On this occasion we have had the good fortune to collaborate with an association of the Raval neighborhood coordinated by tireless women: Associació intercultural Diàlegs de Dona, a space of welcome and socialization for immigrant women who work to facilitate and contribute to their autonomy and social cohesion with the territory through intercultural dialogue in a feminine key.

They have been responsible for marking the content of the jam that has revolved around the recognition that we believe very important to give to immigrant women. Thus, 10 artists of very heterogeneous styles and backgrounds, have created 10 murals to talk about these women of different origins who are constantly exposed to situations of inequality and discrimination both by society and the law while they wanted to claim the interculturality and the creation of both bridges of dialogue and network as basic concepts for everyone to benefit from the richness of diversity.

Emily Eldridge and Secle were the two guest artists in charge of curating the event: Ona Salvador, Tame, Bite, Gemma Fontanals, Magia Trece, Popi Leguizamon and G. Nivaria were the other 8 selected artists who painted the walls of the Three Chimneys. Háñan Achähbár, a member of Diàlegs de Dona, joined the action and became the tenth artist.

In addition, a participatory wall intervened by Diàlegs de Dona and bricks for those who wanted to leave a message.

WOMART JAM seeks to make visible the work of women artists and promote gender equality in urban art, a sector still masculinized and with many barriers for women.

Thank you girls!!!