Wallspot Post - If Walls Could Speak (Amsterdam)

If Walls Could Speak (Amsterdam)

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From 13 to 17 May 2019, Amsterdam Street Art (ASA) organized and inaugurated the "If Walls Could Speak", a unique and fresh street art festival located at Platanenweg, on the east side of Amsterdam. In this festival the housing manager Stadgenoot has also collaborated yielding the walls of five of its social housing blocks, adding a total of ten walls of large format (10 x 15 meters). So, this project was born from the synergy of these two entities that seek to promote and create spaces for creation, coexistence and dialogue.

The theme chosen for the ten murals was "Amsterdam for all", meaning that the goal behind the murals was to represent native elements of the city and the Dutch culture, as well as to show their openness towards the world and the cosy and integrative nature that characterizes the Dutch capital. In this way, the result were six days where art, debate and union were mixed, in which ten artists, groups and collectives were in charge to bring colours to this neighbourhood and in which its inhabitants were involved in the process of ideation and contemplated day after day the execution of the artworks.

In this festival, Amsterdam Street Art wanted to highlight the concept of "Amsterdam for all", so they selected both artists of national and foreign origin, being a symbiosis of styles and techniques and the materialization of interculturality that was aimed to prove through the festival. Thereby, the selection made by ASA was meticulous and the artists and groups finally selected for the festival were Dan Kitchener / Dank (UK), Studio Gifting (NL), Julieta XLF (ESP), Dopie (NL), Case Maclaim (DEU) ), Kash & Chuck (NL), Hera (DEU), Sjem BakkusIVES.one & Beazarility / ASA Collab (NL), Smug One (AU) and Leon Keer (NL); which they expressed each on in its own way the central theme previously exposed and their own vision and subjective perception of what the city, its inhabitants and its culture inspired them. In this way, the result was ten murals of great size and quality that have transformed and brought new life to the neighbourhood of Platanenweg.

You can check here the photos of all the murals:  https://www.amsterdamstreetart.com/if-walls-could-speak/ 

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Photos by: No Grey Walls and Tim van Vliet