Wallspot Post - EXTREME BARCELONA - Wallspot Ave


The Extreme Barcelona have taken place the 25th and 26th of September. This 11th edition has accommodated international competitions of skate, BMX, and roller freeestyle. The great final of World Scooter Championship of the World Skate international federation has also taken place. 

This year, the Wallspot Ave has been included at Extreme Barcelona. This is a space for urban art in which 5 Guest Artists and 13 selected artists have participated through an Open Call. Slomo, Owen, Nuriatoll, Art3sano, Dante Arcade, Inventura Studio, Maru Ruiz, Jalón de Aquiles, Dirty, Antón Seoane, Kamil, Rughi, Smig, Klöver Allt, Jaume Molera, Zaik, Tim Marsh and Debongz were the selected people to paint this Wallspot Ave.

In two days we have enjoyed lots of different styles and themes, in a place where extreme sports, music and art were together once more. Some artists used the Exteme as a theme and others preferred to explore other creative aspects. Anyway, the level of the pieces was very high and the assistants showed a lot of interest in them and the artists, that were nicely received by them.

Big thanks to Extreme Barcelona for the organization and their handling and as always big thanks to Montana Colors for their essential collaboration in making this possible.

Photos by Blanca Florenza