OPEN CALL | 31-03-2021

The Andorran Ministry of Culture opens an international competition to perform an artistic intervention outside the Espai Columba.

The main goal of this contest is to make visible the environment of Espai Columba as well as improve it. The Andorran Ministry of Culture and Sports has launched an open call through which 8 artists will be selected, and will be in charge of carrying out the artistic installation in the outside of the building.

The artists who apply for this open call must be between 22 and 35 years old. They can be nationals or foreigners and must have completed higher studies in design or fine arts. Those selected will be rewarded with € 1,000.00 for carrying out the designed work, either with their means or with the participation of production companies. The deadline for applying is from March 10 to April 14.

The space to be intervened is a wall, built with white painted concrete totem poles, which delimits the parking space from the public square outside. The proposed action aims to modify this wall, creating a link between the medieval wall paintings housed within the museum and the current ones, which will be represented through the murals of the participants.

The contest also aims to revive the original images of the collective imagination of the 12th century and transfer them to our days with a different meaning and aesthetics, which nature will be tied to our contemporaneity.

The contest rules can be reviewed at: www.tramits.ad
MORE INFO: area_museus@govern.ad