Interviews | Claudio Drë | 02-11-2021

Claudio Drë is an artist who resides in Barcelona and who was born in Concepción, Chile, in 1981. He started tagging in 1996 and then painted his first graffiti. It was not until 2002 that he painted his first studio painting and then he started working both in the studio and the streets. In 2009 he lived in Buenos Aires, where he met new people, music and readings that made him reconsider his activity and inspired the abstract change in his works. His recent works are filled with geometric figures, but also stains and clouds of galactic appearence. In a way, he manages to make impossible spaces believable. 

With an extensive trajectory, how is the evolution process of your work to get to the abstraction and technical mastery that you demonstrate today?

From the beginning, experimentation with various materials and techniques was my motivation. I started by painting letters, which gives you an understanding of the typographic structures. This together with the technical drawing studies gave me the keys to understanding perspective in figures.

Dream landscapes characterize you. Are your works the fruit of improvisation or is there planning work behind it? Explain the creation process of your works.

There is an intention regarding the dynamism that I want to present in the composition of the work, but there is no specific plan, it is improvisation. It has a modus operandi based on random spots that generate formal problems. I solve these problems through dialogue between the forms, the superposition of elements and the application of transparencies, among others.

You combine studio works with mural creation, in very different contexts. Do you consider that the creation of a work in public space adds value to your personal and professional experience?

Definitely. Painting the street is what brought us here. I think the most enriching thing is to share it directly with people. Many times they give their interpretations of my painting, which allows me to know new aspects of my work.

You participated in the Hit the Wall event as part of the fifth anniversary of Wallspot. How do you think having legal walls affects the city?

I think the legal walls are very cool, they are painted very good almost daily. In Barcelona there are many people painting and Wallspot gives the possibility for that space, but paradoxically, while you sign your work, there are already two guys waiting to erase you (haha).

BONUS TRACK. Tell us something you fancy or what do you think we have missed and would help to better explain who Claudio Drë is.

There is a latent intention of wanting to achieve a degree of formal complexity that approaches a sublime beauty. In all this energetic panorama filled of hurries and haste, I hope I can find a way to the divine encounter, in a way somehow that humanity in its collective has always desired: the encounter with God.

For me this "God" is that enveloping energy of absolute enjoyment that is generated when you do something that you really love.

personal web: https://www.claudiodre.com
web: https://www.behance.net/claudiodre
IG: https://www.instagram.com/claudio.dre
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