Interviews | savelga | 20-04-2021

Sara Velázquez is an artist from Madrid that lives in Hamburg. She works, during the day, on the audio-visual field, and during the night she turns to her passion: urban art, above all when she creates it from spirituality. 

She started, a long time ago, on the photography field, being selected as the young revelation artist from FAIM, among other contests. From then on, she jumped to the audio-visual world (television, animation, and now gaming) and, although urban art was one of her dreams, it was something that came up later in her life. 

It’s been during the last 6 years when she has started to express herself from her own language and, to construct, step by step, a narrative between the material and spiritual on almost everything she does, having, constantly, the opportunity of showing it in different events like Pictoplasma as well as in Germany and Spain.

How is your creative process and what materials do you like to work with?

Well, it depends on the type of project. When I want something to be more realistic or architectural, but with a loose and casual stroke (which is usually savelga) I usually use acrylic markers and spray on cardboard or recycled materials. Basically, Savelga is my grounding point, my comfort zone from where I can experiment more freely, using reality as a reference.

For creaturesoflight, the process is totally different. To begin with, everything I do with it comes from a spiritual channelling and takes an internal work, quite hard at times, connected with the specific chakra that represents that emotion and its polarities.
I start with a digital sketch with procreate. From there I put it on paper and sometimes I trace it with technical drawing to find the logic of sacred geometry, and then I move on to the sketch with the colours that I will use later in the mural. Normally I would rehearse what I am going to paint on the wall quite a bit, but the last collaborations I have done in which I have had to improvise have been very interesting!

In your pieces of the free walls of Madrid you experience your project Creatures of light. Where does it come from and what does it represent?

Creatures of light emerged about 5 years ago as a way of expressing myself without being conditioned by the aesthetic parameters of my work world (animation or gaming). I wanted something that would be pure, free and, that only spoke about my personal processes.
Obviously, this has not always been the case, since part of what helps me to work are my insecurities and fears. Thus, thanks to them, I have been able to work more openly on things that are normally uncomfortable or difficult to accept.
It is very interesting to see how they have evolved with me.

 At first, they were black and white and much more childish. As I have deepened in my spiritual and artistic learning, they have been simplifying in the form and becoming more involved in the concept, filling with colour, until now, where I feel more and more like taking them to the abstract and using geometry and colours as a tool to express each vibration with the help of Reiki and Akashic records.

When did you start to be interested in street art and what other styles have you experienced before?

Has it ever happened to you that you had always wanted to do something but never had the opportunity or you didn’t know how or with whom to do it? Well, that has happened to me with urban art. It was always my dream, but life took me on other paths, until a few years ago I started, and now I don't want to stop.

How did you get to the Wallspot platform?

Well, I got to know Wallspot on Instagram, but it wasn't until by chance that they invited me to visit the inauguration of the Vallecas wall that I got to know the project in depth.

How do you think the fact of having legal walls influences a city?

Well, the initiative seems wonderful to me. I think there are many people who are willing to paint and practice and do not know very well how to start, and this type of walls makes, first, they have the ease of painting in a calm and legal way without having to know anyone beforehand, and second, it's great for everyone to have a place to share, grow, and build new links.

For me it has been an experience that leaves a before and after in my creative career. Not only because of what we have learned but because of the people with whom I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Have you seen an artist on the platform that has caught your attention and you want to recommend it to other users?


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