Interviews | Inventura Studio | 25-05-2021

Inventura Studio is a visual artist born in Belo Horizonte - (Brazil), graduated in graphic design and illustration. In 2014 he built his own screen-printing workshop and since then he started working under the name Inventura Studio. The project started with screen printing, but he never intended to limit himself to a single technique, or to a single location. So, he kept moving and in 2017 he reached Barcelona, giving continuity to the aim of experimenting, learning and creating in different media and formats.

How did you discover the world of urban art?
I started painting murals about four years ago, but the world of urban art has always been in my environment. As a child, the "graffiti" and the "pixos" (tags) attracted me pretty much. It was a way of locating myself in the city and observing a kind of expression and urban narrative that contrasted with the enormous amount of advertising messages and with the massive construction of higher and higher buildings.

Your mural works convey an authenticity that leads us to think that, partly, they are the result of the magic of improvisation in the execution of the mural itself. Is there any previous preparation of your works? How would you describe your creative process?

There is always prior preparation in my works. All the murals that I do start in my sketchbook. My creative process in the walls is very influenced by the methodology I learned in design / illustration. I like to work intensively and meticulously, valuing manual and experimental processes. I am interested in many different techniques and I seek to find harmony and balance of forms.

Objectively and from the gaze of someone who observes your works for the first time, it’s visible that they convey positivity, a feeling of calmness, and a very good vibe when you see them. As an artist, what would be the message you like to share through your artwork?

Normally each work begins with an idea, then it goes to the notebook and at the end it reaches the wall. It's a long journey with these imaginary characters in my head, so in general, I prefer to be accompanied by something positive. But I always like to leave room for the spectator's imagination. I like the idea of my work to generate certain curiosity and that can be interpreted in different ways.

Which are your references and inspirations when creating an artistic project?
In general, I think that the inspirations to create come from my own environment.
Consciously or unconsciously I am absorbing something from each experience. My ideas come from nature, from music, from other artists, and also from feelings such as wishes, conflicts, fears, or even dreams. On referents concerning murals, I would recommend the documentary “Cidade Cinza” (Gray City) which tells a little about urban art in São Paulo and has interesting messages about the daily conflicts behind the artistic expression, especially with public power. 

You are a very active artist on the Wallspot platform. You’ve met different artists, participated in painting, repeatedly, on the walls, and participated in some projects, such as the Wall Lab in November 2020. What is the situation or experience in the Wallspot walls that you remember the most?

In all the murals that I painted in the Wallspot spots, I had the company of friends, new or old. A painting day always starts with music and ends with beers. My feeling is that every time I learn something new, I participate in the constant change of these spaces and I connect with the environment and with the people circulating there. Each mural represents a different experience and, although most of the works no longer exist, I remember all these moments with a lot of affection.

IG: instagram.com/inventurastudio
WEB: cargocollective.com/inventura