Stories , video | ANTON SEOANE "ROKE" | 02-12-2021

Last November the artists from Wallspot Antón Seoane and David Brey reunited to create a big format piece, in the murals of Wallspot in Tres Xemeneies, a tribute to the animated television series of adventure, drama and comedy set in the League of Legends universe, Arcane. Mural which took about 8 hours to finalize.

Antón Seoane (Vigo, 1986) is an Industrial Designer by ELISAVA. Despite his technical training he has always had artistic interests. And that is how he began in a self-taught way his more pictorial trajectory with ephemeral interventions of urban art in Galicia and the rest of Spain.

David Brey (A Coruña, 1985), better known as Doctoy, is a multidisciplinary artist who began his creative career long before his artistic training, specializing in the creation of manual, digital and virtual graphic content. He has painted alone and with different collectives in Europe and Latin America. He currently holds a PhD in Art and New Technologies.

Antón Seoane's artwork revolves around the imaginary of cinema, comics and animation and Doctoy's is fantastic and dreamlike. That's why they saw in Arcane a perfect reference for their new mural. Since it is based on a dystopian world of steampunk atmosphere, with very cool characters. The series narrates the confrontation between a corrupt and unequal society, also between two sisters, hence the female figures and the contrast between colors. The background represents the city of Piltover, where the plot develops. Antón Seoane represented Jinx, one of the main characters, and Doctoy was inspired by a photo of a person in his environment and characterized her as one of the characters in the series.

They have been friends since they were teenagers, they met at a graffiti JAM in Galicia. Currently both living in Barcelona have decided to get together and create their own art project called ROKDOCTOY in which they propose to conduct artistic workshops, as well as the realization of works of mural painting and graphic design.