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OPEN CALL | 15-04-2021

The Madrid City Council, through the Government Area of Economy, Innovation and Employment and within the Madrid Business Forum, presents the Marconi Urban Art Contest.Through this contest, a total of 7 artistic interventions (5 large-format murals and two sculptural installations) will be selected from all the participants.The Polígono Marconi is an industrial area, located in the Villaverde district, in the south of Madrid. This, like many other areas of the Community of Madrid, has been h...

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OPEN CALL | 31-03-2021

The Andorran Ministry of Culture opens an international competition to perform an artistic intervention outside the Espai Columba.The main goal of this contest is to make visible the environment of Espai Columba as well as improve it. The Andorran Ministry of Culture and Sports has launched an open call through which 8 artists will be selected, and will be in charge of carrying out the artistic installation in the outside of the building. The artists who apply for this open call must be be...

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OPEN CALL | 22-03-2021

Logoart JAM is here, the Wallspot JAM of May!This JAM is devoted to all the artists who have been able to generate a symbol that over time has become their icon. The Logoart technique consists of creating a logo that is always the same, or very similar, and then it is turned into an identity icon that is totally recognizable.In recent years the city of Barcelona and many more, have been filled with these logos, which through boombing have become more and more powerful.On May 16th, the walls of T...

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OPEN CALL | 22-02-2021

Wild Life JAM is here!Wild Life JAM is the Wallspot Jam of April. This JAM aims to fill the legal walls of Tres Xemeneies with multiple artistic works, where all kinds of fauna and flora are represented, whether they are the most known or the most unique and difficult to find.That is why Wild Life JAM is devoted to all artists who through their style are able to represent animals and / or plants, and turn thus the Tres Xemeneies square into a unique and wild ecosystem.Wild Life JAM will be held...

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Womart JAM 2021 Open Call

Events , OPEN CALL | 03-02-2021

International Women's Day is approaching, so that in March we will celebrate the WOMART JAM.Unfortunately, women still have a long way to go reach a real equality in many areas, and urban art is one of them. The Womart JAM aims to make the work of all the participating artists visible in an exclusive artistic day for women. Womart is not only a JAM but also a project that claims the need to recognise and make visible female talent in the visual arts while promoting gender equality within the urb...

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OPEN CALL | 18-01-2021

Abstraction JAM is February's Wallspot JAM!This JAM is devoted to all artists who make works in an abstract style and by eluding figuration can eventually create a new reality. Abstraction JAM will host a total of 10 artists who, through a visual language of color and lines, will be able to create compositions with independent references from the real world. This artistic side has become a game-changer within the art world, so that, abstraction has earned a place in the Wallspot JAMS.Abstraction...

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Writers JAM 2021

newsletter , OPEN CALL | 21-12-2020

Wallspot JAMS are back!We start this 2021 with a new edition of Wallspot JAMS. Each month there will be a JAM with a specific theme. In each of them, there will be 2 guest artists, who will be in charge of selecting 8 participants from among all those registered in the Open Call.The Writers JAM will be held next Sunday, January 31st. This JAM is devoted to all graffiti writers, who through their urban calligraphy can transform words into images and make themselves heard. Each artist gives their...

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Collective Open Call to celebrate the closure of the Moratalaz wall in Madrid

newsletter , OPEN CALL | 16-12-2020

For two months, the wall in Av. Doctor García Tapia in the Media Legua neighborhood of Moratalaz has been an open canvas by receiving dozens of urban art expressions. During the first month, Wallspot has registered more than 100 interventions in the 167 meters long that this wall has.The trial project for the activation of free and legal walls in Madrid comes to an end and we want to celebrate it with a closing event that will depict the great reception of the project in the urban art field and...

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newsletter , OPEN CALL | 23-11-2020

A new edition of Wallspot JAMS is here: SPORT JAM!The theme of this JAM is devoted to sport, therefore the artists who participate in this event will have to paint a mural through their personal style representing any type of sports practices. The JAM will be located in the Wallspot walls of the Parc de la Bederrida, a space that has one of the largest areas for sports use in Barcelona. In tune with the urban environment and with the aim of promoting values of physical and mental well-being, inc...

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newsletter , OPEN CALL | 19-11-2020

Last Wallspot’s JAM of 2020 is here: Extinction JAMThe theme of this JAM is devoted to all animals that are at risk of extinction. So that, artists who participate in this event must perform a mural that includes at least one animal that is in this situation of vulnerability.Currently, according to data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, 2,500 species are at risk of extinction. This is due to multiple causes, which can be very particular in each specie. However, climate cha...

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