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newsletter | 31-03-2022

From Wallspot we want to support all artists so they can express their art. One way to do it is by offering material discounts. That is why we have launched some promotional codes for Spray Planet and Montó. By using these, Wallspot artists will be able to obtain discounts on paint, which will be applicable until the end of the year.Montana Colors MONTANA COLORS 5% discount on any purchase with the code: WALLSPOT510% discount on purchases over € 200 with the code: WA...

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Interviews , newsletter | gerbos mad city , S. Selva | 13-04-2021

Gerbos Mad City is an urban artist, painter, and set designer. His life is based on creation and creativity, in connection with people through his works, projects, and work. Much of his artistic career has focused on drawing and in 2005 he began to enter the world of urban art. This led him to even travel internationally to paint new walls outside of Spain, carry out projects with other artistic groups and associations such as El Keller de Tabacalera in Lavapiés (Madrid). His work is in constant...

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newsletter | 09-03-2021

HELP US TO IMPROVE! This survey aims to analyse Wallspot users' opinion about the functioning of the platform. All the collected data will be used to define the upcoming improvements of the system (web and app) as well as of the artistic programmes developement.VALUATION SURVEY

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Two months of free walls have ended in Madrid

video , newsletter , | 27-01-2021

This weekend Wallspot closed the project to activate the first two free walls in the city. After two months of touring this municipal initiative, on January 23rd and 24th, both walls were intervened with the simultaneous participation of 56 urban artists, the vast majority from the Madrid scene. The two walls, one in the Moratalaz district and the other in Puente de Vallecas, have been covered with well-known pieces from the Madrid urban scene, at least until a permanent free wall system is acti...

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Writers JAM 2021

newsletter , OPEN CALL | 21-12-2020

Wallspot JAMS are back!We start this 2021 with a new edition of Wallspot JAMS. Each month there will be a JAM with a specific theme. In each of them, there will be 2 guest artists, who will be in charge of selecting 8 participants from among all those registered in the Open Call.The Writers JAM will be held next Sunday, January 31st. This JAM is devoted to all graffiti writers, who through their urban calligraphy can transform words into images and make themselves heard. Each artist gives their...

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SPORT JAM at Parc de la Bederrida

newsletter | 17-12-2020

On December 13th, we held the Sport JAM at the Wallspot walls of Parc de la Bederrida. Gemma Fontanals and Kamil Escruela , as guest artists, were in charge of selecting the 10 participants from among all those registered in the Open Call. Those selected artists for this event were:, Gaspar_ink, roledesma, bdayboy, Yoshi, Bemie, Erratic, Kopisuno, Dirty i Núria Cintero.All of them pictured sports-themed artworks on the exterior walls of the Parc de la Bederrida...

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EXTINCTION JAM at Tres Xemeneies

Events , newsletter | 16-12-2020

Last Saturday, December 12th, we held the Extinction JAM in the emblematic legal walls of Tres XemeneiesThe invited artists, Megui and Sergi Bastida, were in charge of selecting, from among all those who applied in the open call, a total of 10 artists who had the opportunity to be part of this special day.The side wall of the square and the wall of Paral·lel street were filled with polar bears, iguanas, pangolins, panthers, leopards, monkeys and even dinosaurs, with a common goal: to claim the s...

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More than 150 interventions in a month of legal walls in Madrid!

Stories , newsletter | 16-12-2020

More than 150 interventions in a month of legal walls in Madrid!The first month of legal walls in Madrid leaves us joy. In just four weeks we have registered more than 150 interventions in the two spaces provided by the City Council of Madrid: the almost 170 meters of the concrete wall on Doctor García Tapia Avenue, in Moratalaz and the two high sides of the street tunnel in José Paulete with Buenos Aires, in Puente de Vallecas.Despite the cold, the rainy days of autumn and the pandemic, the dri...

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Collective Open Call to celebrate the closure of the Moratalaz wall in Madrid

newsletter , OPEN CALL | 16-12-2020

For two months, the wall in Av. Doctor García Tapia in the Media Legua neighborhood of Moratalaz has been an open canvas by receiving dozens of urban art expressions. During the first month, Wallspot has registered more than 100 interventions in the 167 meters long that this wall has.The trial project for the activation of free and legal walls in Madrid comes to an end and we want to celebrate it with a closing event that will depict the great reception of the project in the urban art field and...

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Events , video , newsletter | 10-12-2020

From December 5th to 7th, Block JAM was held in Barcelona.The event took place on the Wallspot wall of Les Corts Skate Park, a space devoted to artistic interventions that was inaugurated six months ago.The urban artist OWEN, was in charge of curating the Block JAM, an event that was organized with the aim of merging the old and the new school of Street Art. A total of 12 artists participated in the JAM, all of them renowned within the urban art world and who worked frantically to fill the walls...

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