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Bridge JAM - St.Cugat

Last 18th of September Bridge JAM took place in Sant Cugat del Vallès, on the walls of Volpelleres' bridge, being part of the Festa Major of Sant Cugat schedule. The 9 artists that participated are: Pepasso, Noble, Lastminute, Jalón de Aquiles, Carola Bagnato, Sigrid, Aram Rah, Dani Bguer and Feo1delgremio.Bridge JAM is produced with ÉSFera-72, an organization that is born from the necessity of creating a contemporary urban art space in Sant Cugat. These last years they have produced and partici...

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Two months of free walls have ended in Madrid

video , newsletter , | 27-01-2021

This weekend Wallspot closed the project to activate the first two free walls in the city. After two months of touring this municipal initiative, on January 23rd and 24th, both walls were intervened with the simultaneous participation of 56 urban artists, the vast majority from the Madrid scene. The two walls, one in the Moratalaz district and the other in Puente de Vallecas, have been covered with well-known pieces from the Madrid urban scene, at least until a permanent free wall system is acti...

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Wallspot launches the first free walls in Madrid

Events , | 30-11-2020

There are finally two new legal walls in town! Check them up here and book your dates to paint until mid January!The City of Madrid made available two new public walls for the community gathering around graffiti. Both walls are freely accessible for artistic interventions. The project is led by the department of Public Art of the City in collaboration with Rebobinart and the Districts of Moratalaz and Puente de Vallecas.The first intervention took place on November 14th in a grey concrete wall o...

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St.Cugat JAM

newsletter , | 30-11-2020

Sunday 22nd of November, we officially inaugurated the second legal wall belonging to the town of Sant Cugat del Vallès located on the street Carrer Pas de l’Estació, specifically in La Floresta neighborhood.The selected artists in the open call who finally painted the inaugural mural were Aram Rah, Dani Berenguer, Feo1, Este, Sater, Dakychan, Galleta Maria, Datil, Tash, Pepasso y El Rughi; being most of them local artists. In that way, the objective was to count on the participation of arti...

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newsletter , , OPEN CALL | 17-11-2020

We are inaugurating a second Wallspot wall in the city of Madrid!Next Saturday, November 21st, we will hold the opening of the new wall in Puente de Vallecas in Vallecas District. This will be a new space devoted to artistic interventions and throughout the next two months it will host the works of the urban artists of the city.In order to celebrate the incorporation of this new wall into the system, we are launching an open call addressed to artists who are willing to participate in the inaugur...

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Events , | 05-11-2020

We’re very glad to announce that Wallspot has arrived in The Netherland through our collaboration with the cultural entity Blind Walls Gallery, who are entering as cultural managers from Breda’s walls. These walls, now available to book on the Wallspot’s platform, are located on Belcrumweg’s street, 194815HA, Breda, The Netherlands.Blind Walls Gallery embodies a city mural museum where the artworks, combined with urban art and cultural heritage, disseminate Breda’s stories and make them accessib...

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Stories , newsletter , | 05-10-2020

We’re glad to announce our collaboration with Street Levels Gallery as cultural managers from Florence's free walls and introducing them on Wallspot platform. The first wall is the Underway passage ‘’Leon Battista Alberti’’, located in Piazza Leon Battista Alberti, 50136, Florence. This wall is an underway tunnel with a height of 2.5m and 15m length and a ceiling of 2.90 length and 15 x 2.5. It also counts on two exterior walls: The first one, with 2.5m height and length, and the second one meas...

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This Saturday, June the 6th, we celebrated the opening of a new Wallspot wall in Les Corts district in Barcelona.To celebrate the incorporation of this legal wall in the platform, we launched an open call addressed to all Walspot artists based in Barcelona or its surroundings. Sixteen artists were selected from all the participants, and these winners have had the opportunity to be the first to fill this wall with color.The selected artists have been: art3sano, Kimo Osuna, Sergi Bastida, Ives One...

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This Saturday, June 6, we will open a new legal wall in Les Corts.A few months ago we launched an open call for all Wallspot artists currently based in Barcelona and we selected 15 of those who participated. The winners will have the opportunity to participate in the inauguration this Saturday, where each one will capture a 4x4m piece on the new legal wall in Les Corts. Each artist will receive five Montana sprays, as the brand has collaborated with us for this bid opening,We are looking forward...

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| 28-02-2020

Located between West North and Maryland Avenue, in North Arts and Entretainment District, Graffity Alley is the only legal art space in Baltimore City. It is a 9.14 x 6.1m wall where street artists can create their work freely without fear of prosecution. Creativity and artistic collaborations flourish in the alley as street artists, young and old, create piece over piece and modify existing works of art. Many art teachers, including those from MICA and Baltimore City schools, bring the...

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