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Interviews | TimMarsh | 27-04-2021

Tim Marsh is a half-French half Maltese artist who is currently based in Barcelona. He is a multidisciplinary artist who never stops creating and experimenting with different formats and creative fields. We can see him painting from walls to canvas, on lightpainting works, or even skateboards, which are filled by his artworks.His style is characterized by colorful geometric shapes that address different themes: from animals to social satire, his artworks hide a deeper meaning which eventually in...

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Interviews | savelga | 20-04-2021

Sara Velázquez is an artist from Madrid that lives in Hamburg. She works, during the day, on the audio-visual field, and during the night she turns to her passion: urban art, above all when she creates it from spirituality. She started, a long time ago, on the photography field, being selected as the young revelation artist from FAIM, among other contests. From then on, she jumped to the audio-visual world (television, animation, and now gaming) and, although urban art was one of her dreams...

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Festivals | 16-04-2021

The association and gallery STRADEDARTS in Milan, has launched a Go Fund Me to finance the second phase of restoration of the wall painted by Phase2, Delta2 and Ero in 1984 in Quattordio (Piemonte, Italy).We want to emphasize the importance of preserving and restoring this wall painted by three legends of New York’s graffiti history.The first phase of the restoration of the wall was carried out in 2017 by Elena Astolfi and Alessandra Carrieri, who will carry out the completion of the project, wh...

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OPEN CALL | 15-04-2021

The Madrid City Council, through the Government Area of Economy, Innovation and Employment and within the Madrid Business Forum, presents the Marconi Urban Art Contest.Through this contest, a total of 7 artistic interventions (5 large-format murals and two sculptural installations) will be selected from all the participants.The Polígono Marconi is an industrial area, located in the Villaverde district, in the south of Madrid. This, like many other areas of the Community of Madrid, has been h...

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Interviews , newsletter | gerbos mad city , S. Selva | 13-04-2021

Gerbos Mad City is an urban artist, painter, and set designer. His life is based on creation and creativity, in connection with people through his works, projects, and work. Much of his artistic career has focused on drawing and in 2005 he began to enter the world of urban art. This led him to even travel internationally to paint new walls outside of Spain, carry out projects with other artistic groups and associations such as El Keller de Tabacalera in Lavapiés (Madrid). His work is in constant...

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Interviews | Inventura Studio | 01-04-2021

Inventura Studio is a visual artist born in Belo Horizonte - (Brazil), graduated in graphic design and illustration. In 2014 he built his own screen-printing workshop and since then he started working under the name Inventura Studio. The project started with screen printing, but he never intended to limit himself to a single technique, or to a single location. So, he kept moving and in 2017 he reached Barcelona, giving continuity to the aim of experimenting, learning and creating in different me...

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OPEN CALL | 31-03-2021

The Andorran Ministry of Culture opens an international competition to perform an artistic intervention outside the Espai Columba.The main goal of this contest is to make visible the environment of Espai Columba as well as improve it. The Andorran Ministry of Culture and Sports has launched an open call through which 8 artists will be selected, and will be in charge of carrying out the artistic installation in the outside of the building. The artists who apply for this open call must be be...

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Interviews | roc blackblock | 30-03-2021

Roc Blackblock is a mural and graffiti artist from the city of Barcelona who has been working in the world of urban art for more than 20 years. The artist uses art and murals as a tool for vindication and turns walls into a reflection of different social movements and the problems as well as social injustices that mark our society. As a result, many of his works have become icons of different movements.Recently, Roc Blackblock has intervened the Wallspot walls through two artworks in favor...

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Interviews | 29-03-2021

Slomo is a Venezuelan artist that has lived in the USA for the last 17 years, and he’s now living in Barcelona. His work is based on a lot of colors, transparencies, overlays in geometric or abstract shapes.He has a lot of influence from Venezuelan Kineticism, teachers like Soto, Cruz Diez, Otero, greatly marked his childhood, growing up in Caracas, Venezuela surrounded by so much cinematic work on the streets, galleries or museums.His other influences have been Spanish urban artists, such as...

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Interviews | EmilyE | 23-03-2021

Emily Eldridge is an artist from the United States, but she’s lived the last 15 years outside the country: 11 years in Hong Kong, 2 years in Berlin, and 2 in a half in Barcelona. She studied illustration at the Savannah College of Art & Design (Georgia, EEUU). She describes herself, mainly, as an illustrator that accidentally started painting bigger and bigger artworks.While she was living in Hong Kong, she worked in an International School as a teaching artist, collaborating with students f...

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