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This Saturday, June 6, we will open a new legal wall in Les Corts.A few months ago we launched an open call for all Wallspot artists currently based in Barcelona and we selected 15 of those who participated. The winners will have the opportunity to participate in the inauguration this Saturday, where each one will capture a 4x4m piece on the new legal wall in Les Corts. Each artist will receive five Montana sprays, as the brand has collaborated with us for this bid opening,We are looking forward...

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Stories | EDO | 27-05-2020

These months we have been experiencing an exceptional situation, which has touched very closely the cultural and artistic field. Urban artists cannot go outside to capture their art, yet they have not stopped to create. Many of them have focused on other artistic projects, and others have taken advantage of all this free time to make sketches of their upcoming works. Wallspot launched the #WallspotEnCasa initiative, through which we have exchanged the streets for social networks, filling them wi...

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Back to the Walls

newsletter | 21-05-2020

Starting next monday 25, all Wallspot artists will be able to book a wall through the APP or the website, in order to go out and fill the streets with art.It is very important that all platform users who want to perform interventions in the public space follow the prevention and contingency measures in the link below. This way, we will avoid the spread of the virus during the execution of the works. These measures must be applied throughout the alarm period in Barcelona and the corr...

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newsletter | 08-05-2020

We are excited to introduce you to our new media partner Street Art United States.Street Art United States is an urban art community that believes in the power of public art, and thanks to their dedication and enthusiasm, they carry this art expression world-wide.Its base is in the City of Boston. From there, they organize all kinds of projects related to street art and promote local and international artists who have contributed to the street art scene.One of its main goals is to support and bu...

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WALL CLAIM by Emily Eldridge

video , newsletter , WALL CLAIM | EmilyE | 26-04-2020

Wallspot has presented WALL CLAIM, a new art programme that consists of inviting different artists who are part of the platform to paint an artistic intervention on the outer wall of the Centre Cultural La Farinera Del Clot in Barcelona. The motifs of the murals will be in tune with some of the International Days established by the UN. Wall Claim, thus, responds to the need to give visibility to certain social groups using art as a means and tool of social claim. On the occasion of International...

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call , newsletter | Bublegum , JOAN PIÑOL , evalop , gemfontanals , Liliana La Italians | 24-03-2020

WALLSPOT PHOTOGRAPHERSDue to the current global emergency situation because of the COVID-19 virus spread, from Wallspot we are launching diverse initiatives in order to keep promoting and supporting urban art from home. Within urban art, an essential figure is that of the photographers, who walk on the streets capturing and documenting the work of artists in order to disseminate and show their work to the world. At a time in which artists cannot create in public spaces, we encourage all photogra...

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call , newsletter | 17-03-2020

WALLSPOT’S NEW CONTEST ON INSTAGRAM!Show us your sketch and be one of the three artists who will paint an artistic mural in BarcelonaDue to the emergency situation with the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Spain, we have to reformulate the current Open Call for Wall Lab, an initiative with a professional character addressed to the registered artists of the platform and which main goal is to promote local talent. Over the quarantine period, we cannot paint on the streets but we can still create ar...

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WALL LAB: Artistic intervention by Spogo, "Old factory: La Siberia" in Avinguda Icaria 199 (Poblenou Barcelona).

BIG WALLS , video , WALL LAB , newsletter | 09-03-2020

This project of artistic intervention within Wall Lab programme, in which Rebobinart, Meridia Capital and Philarthropic collaborated, consisted of decorating a 200-metre construction fence surrounding the former Ice Factory "Siberia and Deslite". To do this, the selected artist to perform the intervention in Avinguda Icaria 199, has been SPOGO, who has done a work with a mural design inspired by the industrial past of that time and area. An example is the geometric figures used, in this c...

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BIG WALLS , Stories , newsletter | 05-03-2020

On February 9th, the next day of the opening, El Pont de la Ronda free wall (Barcelona) was repainted. This time, the intervention was made by two American artists: Sarah Painter and Cosby Hayes. Occupying half of the surface, in a 4 meters high by 200 meters long wall, we find the mural of the painted portrait of the journalist, translator, anti-fascist and revolutionary Marina Ginestà. It is an artwork that evokes the black-and-white photography taken by photographer Hans Gutmann on July...

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| 28-02-2020

Located between West North and Maryland Avenue, in North Arts and Entretainment District, Graffity Alley is the only legal art space in Baltimore City. It is a 9.14 x 6.1m wall where street artists can create their work freely without fear of prosecution. Creativity and artistic collaborations flourish in the alley as street artists, young and old, create piece over piece and modify existing works of art. Many art teachers, including those from MICA and Baltimore City schools, bring the...

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