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Travel The Wall Aberdeen

Interviews , newsletter , TRAVEL THE WALL | Danny Rumbl | 21-01-2020

For this edition of Travel The Wall, Danny Rumbl was selected by Throw Up Gallery to portray his works in Scotland.Danny Rumbl is an illustrator and artist from Rotterdam where he’s working on illustrations, large scale murals and wooden sculptures. His inspiration springs from his love for cartoons and illustrations from the 60’s and 70’s, nature, food and modern pop culture.The artist's stayed in Aberdeen from October 25th to the 28th, and he has explained us his experience: “I was very happy...

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Travel The Wall Barcelona 2020

call , TRAVEL THE WALL | 17-01-2020

Do you want to come to Barcelona (Spain) and paint a wall?We are launching an open call for the fifth edition of Travel the Wall, an international artistic exchange programme for the users of Wallspot’s platform. The selected artist will perform an intervention on March 2020 on one of the walls managed through Wallspot accompanied by Rebobinart, the cultural manager in Barcelona. It is a unique opportunity to discover a city, meet cultural actors and local artists, and publicise the work of Wall...

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Travel The Wall Philaico

Interviews , video , TRAVEL THE WALL | Philaico | 15-01-2020

In this new edition of Travel The Wall, the international artistic exchange program for users of Wallspot, the artist selected in Barcelona was Philaico.Philaico is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but he is living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since 2010 he has focused his work on painting, screen printing and stencil techniques. Through his contact with urban art, he began to get involved with interventions, both graffiti and large format murals.For a few years now, he has been particularly intere...

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video , WALL LAB , newsletter | 09-01-2020

Anna Taratiel, also known as OVNI, has been the selected artist to participate in Wallspot's latest Wall Lab. Wall Lab is conceived as a professional initiative through which Wallspot artists are chosen to perform an artistic mural with a temporality of one year in diverse spaces.OVNI has made a mural in a space facilitated by voraport Acta Hotels. This temporary space is a construction fence located in Poblenou (Barcelona) where in a few years we will find a hotel. This type of intervention aim...

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Interviews , video , newsletter | 17-12-2019

For this edition of Travel The Wall, our partners Rewriters from Rotterdam chose Maga. Maga (Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona) is an illustrator, muralist and educator. Regarding her work, she feels in continuous transformation but it’s mainly based on the creation of characters who want to express themselves through their gestures and environment. In her work you can sense various influences such as: comics, Japanese illustration, surrealism, mythologies, hip hop, urban art, etc. The artist pa...

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StreetArt 360

newsletter | 16-12-2019

We are happy to announce a new collaboration with one of the most popular urban culture website worldwide: StreetArt360!Founded in 2015 in the UK as Urban Art and Graffiti magazine, StreetArt360 helps Urban Culture lovers to discover amazing artists, their artworks and the best graffiti hotspots around the world.As new WALLSPOT’s media-partner, StreetArt360 will accompany us in some of the initiatives promoted through our platform…stay tuned!

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Stories , newsletter | 26-11-2019

EMEMEM HAS BEEN IN BARCELONAThe urban artist Ememem, who hides under anonymity, has been in the city of Barcelona. He has arrived from France, to heal with his art the urban wounds caused by the riots during the days after the sentence of the “procés” in Barcelona.His operational center is in Lyon, and it is there where he develops his Flacking art. Flacking is a word that Ememem invented to designate what he does, that is, to repair and, at the same time, remember certain events, aging the scar...

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Videos , Stories , newsletter | sergibastida | 20-11-2019

Today we introduce you Sergi Bastida!Sergi is an artist from Barcelona who is mainly focused on muralism and graphic design. He studied Self-publishing and Advertising Graphics at La Llotja and Pau Gargallo, respectively. Other of his passions are animals, and this is why we want to highlight his work.Apart from devoting himself to mural painting and making paintings under request, Sergi also invests his time in promoting the adoption of animals through painting. Everything started thanks to his...

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Interviews , video , newsletter | 15-11-2019

This September, the artistic duo PichiAvo finished the project at the Livensa Living Barcelona student residence of Temprano Partners. The project, managed by Rebobinart, was divided into two phases, in which Valencian artists intervened in 3 different areas.The figure of the Greek goddess Athena, was captured on the facade of the 25m high building. In the area of the roof they painted the god of the sea Poseidon, seen from three different angles. Finally they made their last intervention in the...

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BIG WALLS , video , newsletter | Senyorerre | 13-11-2019

Last July, the artist Roc Blackblok intervened this wall in the Horta-Guinardó neighbourhood of Barcelona.This wall is a revendication of the phenomenon of self-construction, key in the growth of the neighbourhood in the 60’s, when people coming from everywhere decided to settle there. You can see a family building their own house and the wall is not only claiming the history of the area, but also highlighting the role of women.The mural was inaugurated in September and was born from a community...

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