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Lo Carreró

Events , call | 04-03-2019

In September 2016, the artist Lily Brik performed an intervention in Lo Carreró, located in the town of Montgai (La Noguera, Lleida), within the framework of an urban regeneration project that wanted to rehabilitate this area that was in disuse to assign it to the realization of new artistic and cultural projects. This piece is the first of the three murals planned for the reintegration of Lo Carreró, in which was thought to capture the stages of the life of women (childhood, adulthood and o...

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Torrefarrera Street Art Festival

Videos , Festivals , call | 01-03-2019

The Torreferrera Street Art Festival is one of the urban art festivals that have emerged these last years in Catalonia. This event is celebrated in Torrefarrera (Lleida), promoted by the town hall of the city and organized and coordinated by Drac Màgic Events in collaboration with the PrintingWalls platform and its objective is to boost and regenerate the spaces of the municipality, enhancing and betting on culture and urban art as a way of social integration and to help to rediscover spaces...

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Festivals , video , call | 27-02-2019

During the 10th and 11th of March 2018, the SENSEMURS festival was performed in Valencia, being the first meeting of muralists for l’Horta. This festival is an initiative organized by the platform "Horta és Futur, No a la ZAL", with the support of the nearly 50 associations and collectives that are part of it, in order to claim that La Punta area (l’Horta de València) becomes green again and to assert the situation of vulnerability that this territory has been suffering, an area that despite bei...

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More than us - Metro Kiev

Festivals , video , call | 18-02-2019

"More than us" is a long-term mural project that took place in the Osokorky metro station in Kiev (Ukraine) that ended in December 2018. This was a national unity initiative managed by the Ukrainian government and the curator Geo Leros to redecorate the roofs and walls of this historic station with murals that depicted the history and culture of the country. The project lasted 4 months and artists from all over the world collaborated to make it possible. Artists participating in this project...

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Spogo waterwall

Interviews , Videos , video , call | Spogo | 14-02-2019

In September of 2018, a mural project was performed in one of the installations of Aigües de Barcelona, the Dipòsit del Pomar located in Mas Ral in the city of Badalona. The artist in charge of this intervention was Spogo, in collaboration with the young people from the youth space of the Espai Jove Supernova and the Espai Jove Morera, who participated from the design and selection process of the idea to the execution of the mural. The objective of this intervention was to redecorate this st...

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IMVG La Ciudad pintada

Interviews , Videos , video , call | 12-02-2019

"IMVG La ciudad pintada" (Vitoria-Gasteiz Muralistic Itinerary) is an artistic project founded by Christina Werckmeister, Verónica Werckmeister and Brenan Duarte in 2007 with the purpose of providing the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz with an open space of participation and creation and turn it into a tool of public and community expression, because that allows to visualize the commitment that people have with their environment and the one that the city has with its citizens. This artistic itinerar...

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Interviews , call , WALL LAB | TimMarsh | 28-01-2019

2019 is kicking off with the second edition of Wall Lab, in which Tim Marsh has taken part to create a large mural on the outdoor walls of Alfasoni, a music company located in Clot neighbourhood (Barcelona). Tim Marsh was selected by Wallspot to participate in Wall Lab and he has transformed with his unique style the big grey walls into a bright and colourful mural that catches the eye. As a result, the building stands out from the urban landscape and brings new life to the street. Wal...

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Ronda Sant Antoni by Ampparito

BIG WALLS , Stories , call | 21-01-2019

During the first week of January 2019, Ampparito, an artist from Madrid, performed an artistic intervention with the collaboration of ONCE, Chan and Octavi Serra that turned the Ronda de San Antoni, located in Barcelona, into a colourful playground for children. This initiative has been promoted by the Barcelona City Hall and has been managed by Rebobinart, in which the objective was the adaptation and revitalization of this space with the execution of this artistic production but also with...

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GLEO - The grain elevator mural

Interviews , video | Gleo | 16-01-2019

"The original dream" is a mural made by the Colombian artist Gleo and organized by Armando Minjarez, director and curator of the Horizontes project, located in Wichita, Kansas (United States). In this piece, which was postulated as one of the largest painted walls in the world due to its large surface and whose development lasted 11 weeks, the artist and her 5 assistants portrayed the cultural diversity of the neighbourhoods near the wall, expressing and vindicating at the same time diverse...

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