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WALL LAB - Enric Font - Eina

call , WALL LAB | Enric Font 2309 | 06-01-2019

Wall Lab is a project promoted by Wallspot that is intended to provide artists with new spaces where they can do artistic experimentation in public spaces and the creation of long-lasting murals in different walls. Unlike open walls, where murals are ephemeral, this initiative aims to offer spaces where artists can create a work that will last up to 1 year in order to promote their work for a longer period. 

In this first edition, which took place in December, Professor Enric Font and his students from EINA University worked on a project to design a mural in Parc del Fòrum. Among all the proposals created by the students, the chosen design featured a powerful, lively and colourful aesthetic. 

Thanks to Wall Lab, students had the opportunity to engage in a professional creative experience managing every step of the project, from the ideation of the mural to its production.

Queralt Anglada | Noelia Aparicio | Carla Ballester | Patricia Canton Nastia Casteleiro | Carla Cuba | Édgar Duch | Gabriela Eskenazi Sarai Herrera | Iria Martínez | José Nerin | Albert Puig Anna Pujol | Joel Smythe

Tots ells alumnes de l’assignatura Tècniques d’Il·lustracíó del Grau de Disseny d’EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona, adscrit a la UAB.

Docent: Enric Font