Wallspot Post - OPEN CALL – Partecipa a #Resilienza18

OPEN CALL – Partecipa a #Resilienza18

Festivals , call | 04-06-2018

The Festival of Resilience is an event promoted by ProPositivo, an association founded by a group of young Sardinians, scattered around the world, united by an assumption: "if the time spent complaining about the problems I invested in finding solutions, to date we will have concrete, innovative and sustainable alternatives ".
Behind this conviction, ProPositivo has launched the project "Transforming the crisis into opportunities", of which the Festival of Resilience is a fundamental propeller. Born to network and spread the virtuous Italian realities, in just four years the festival has grown from a 5-day event in the Macomer alone to a two-month program that spreads across the Marghine, Planargia, Nuorese and Centro-Sardegna. Through a methodological approach based on the meeting and the synergy between the world of science and art, the goal is to create a dynamic and multilingual environment, capable of linking logic and creativity, school and business, institutions and civil society, public and private, environment and urban planning. All fundamental ingredients to activate community problem solving processes and territorial regeneration that:

increase the resilience and life skills of citizens, ie those "skills that help people to face the challenges of daily life positively and effectively";
foster socio-economic development and innovation processes based on sustainability, social responsibility and the happiness of human beings and communities;
are able to create cohesion and unlock resources through a participatory and transparent public planning;
go to structure a promotional tourism, cultural and educational offer for the summer season of Macomer, Marghine and surrounding territories;
A challenge around which, during the last 4 years, a dynamic multidisciplinary community and a wide network of regional, national and European partners have been created (including the Dimitri International Theater Academy, the Milan Polytechnic, La Stampa , Sardinia Theater, Sardinia Film Commission, Foundation of Sardinia and many others), united by the will to put in place the most virtuous realities in the economic, social and cultural fields with the territories most affected by the crisis in Italy and in Europe.

Le Call 2018
This year calls for # Resilienza18 will be four:

CALL for PARTNER / SPONSOR (dedicated to possible Partners, Sponsors, Media Partners and Volunteers)
CALL for CONTEST / STREET-ART (dedicated to street artists interested in participating in the international contest)
CALL for ARTISTS / PERFORMERS (dedicated to actors, musicians and performers in general interested in artistic residency courses)
CALL for SUMMER SCHOOL / EDITORIAL (dedicated to activists in the field of participatory planning and communication, from journalists, researchers, euro-designers and students to photographers and video-makers)
Click on the different items and a drop-down menu will open in which you can download the announcement and fill out the participation forms.

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