Festivals , call | 24-03-2017

Asalto is the international urban art festival of Zaragoza (Spain) and it is running since 2005. For Asalto, urban art means any kind of artistic or creative expression developed in the public space seeking to interact with the city anD the citizens. Art and creativity are very useful tools to create a better society. We are deeply convinced that the city (streets, squares, buildings and empty spaces) is the best scenario and the best workplace. For these reasons all the interventions and mostly of the activities organized by Festival Asalto are focused in the public space, free-entry and acceSsible by citizens ready to enjoy and contribute. 

Asalto also gives importance on cohabitation and creative processes. On one hand, it is extremely important to create works in the streets since it is the natural and right environment. On the other hand, it is also basic the connection of participating artists and citizens through working processes in the streets, and that´s why all the works must be done in Zaragoza during the Festival Asalto days. Finally, the coexistence of artists is another of the main points of Asalto, as all the works are done at the same time, what makes possible to share more than cans, brushes or ideas with different artistic profiles.

Summing up, Festival Asalto is more than a festival. It is a space for creativity, art, and participation in cultural actions. It is also the convergence of different audiences, a generational mix or even the recovery of a public space that transforms it into a spot for enjoyment, learning or reflection.