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IMVG La Ciudad pintada

Interviews , Videos , video , call | 12-02-2019

"IMVG La ciudad pintada" (Vitoria-Gasteiz Muralistic Itinerary) is an artistic project founded by Christina Werckmeister, Verónica Werckmeister and Brenan Duarte in 2007 with the purpose of providing the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz with an open space of participation and creation and turn it into a tool of public and community expression, because that allows to visualize the commitment that people have with their environment and the one that the city has with its citizens. This artistic itinerary currently has 18 large-format murals distributed all over Vitoria and the last one was made at the beginning of 2018 by the artist Sabotaje al Montaje, which counted with the collaboration of the neighbours and the 20 workshopers and volunteers involved in the project throughout the two weeks that the intervention took place. The mural is entitled "Vecinas" and it wants to vindicate values ​​such as coexistence, solidarity and the ability to collaborate to achieve common goals while it reflects the identity of the neighbourhood and its women. A work that transmits affection, dignity and positivity and that stands out for its majesty and its notoriety.

PHOTO: Joan Piñol