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Videos | 19-04-2017

Artist- FLOYD- Dr.CASWallspot RMUTL Team- Nicolas Luna Fleck- Tavichon Chomtaveevirut- Anusorn Khabpet- Sirikanlaya ChotmaneeVideo and Sound- Anusorn.Khabpet- Sirikanlaya.ChotmaneeFaculty of Arts and ArchitectureThe Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (RMUTL)Chiangmai Thailand

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WALLSPOT, the new online urban art platform, is born.

Events , Videos | 14-10-2016

In 2012, Murs Lliures (Free Walls) was founded and became the main system for managing legal walls in Barcelona. Over the last four years Murs Lliures has had 2,370 registered artists, 3% of whom are women and 40% tourists, 13 active walls and 3,862 art interventions with an average of 12 per day. Now the project is getting an update with Wallspot, a global platform that brings together the key protagonists in urban art: artists, photographers, arts managers, the public and government institutio...

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