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Interview HYURO

Interviews | 04-12-2017

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Interview Roadsworth

Interviews | 16-11-2017

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Interviews | 01-11-2017

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Interview APES

Interviews | Apes | 22-05-2017

Hello. My name is Apes. And I’m lying because this is not my name, actually. However, this is not important. I am from Barcelona although I try to behave as an omnipresent being avoiding to settle anywhere. I like to be everywhere phisically and mentally. I like to travel. I travel, actually. I live in constant motion for work and for pleasure. And I write graffiti in the meantime. Usually, they say that graffiti is kind of a territorial thing. I disagree because our territory is the whole world...

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Interview Fernando Alcalá

Interviews | Fer Alcalá | 20-03-2017

My name is Fer Alcalá. I was born in Avilés (Asturias) and I moved to Barcelona 11 years ago. Skate led me into art and art led me into urban art. I don’t like to define myself as a photographer; I would rather say that I take pictures. Self-taught. Passion, patience, intuition and a good eye substitute my lack of technical skills. I’m into details, I like interacting with artists, with passers-by, with the city, with the streets. I am an observer, a witness and an admirer of people and moments....

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Interview Alaniz

Interviews | Alaniz | 20-02-2017

Born in 1984 in Mendoza, Argentina.Living in Berlin since 2011, the place where he started doing street art.Self-taught painter, he started his career with wheat pastes in the streets, later in abandoned factories and finally focusing on muralism.Since two years Alaniz have been travelling many countries and his walls can be seen in different cities from Europe and Latin America

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Interview Amppartio

Interviews | Ampparito | 29-01-2017

Ampparito is a young Spanish artist that works subverting objects, meanings and realities in order to create new experiences or situations. The impact that his works may cause on public may range from an absolute indifference to a deep reflection through disorientation or contemplation.

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Interview Nuria Toll

Interviews | nuriatoll | 08-01-2017

Graphic designer and a restless soul by nature, Nuria Toll has always been interested in art and everything that surrounds it. In 2014 she starts experimenting with spray and murals. A new medium that has enabled her to explore geometry and color without forgetting sensibility and innocence. As a result, she has come up with her own language and personal style that flows between contemporary minimalism and naif charm.

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