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Interview APES

Interviews | Apes | 22-05-2017

Hello. My name is Apes. And I’m lying because this is not my name, actually. However, this is not important. I am from Barcelona although I try to behave as an omnipresent being avoiding to settle anywhere. I like to be everywhere phisically and mentally. I like to travel. I travel, actually. I live in constant motion for work and for pleasure. And I write graffiti in the meantime. Usually, they say that graffiti is kind of a territorial thing. I disagree because our territory is the whole world...

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Videos | 19-04-2017

Artist- FLOYD- Dr.CASWallspot RMUTL Team- Nicolas Luna Fleck- Tavichon Chomtaveevirut- Anusorn Khabpet- Sirikanlaya ChotmaneeVideo and Sound- Anusorn.Khabpet- Sirikanlaya.ChotmaneeFaculty of Arts and ArchitectureThe Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (RMUTL)Chiangmai Thailand

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Events | 10-04-2017

If you are an artist and you are registered on Wallspot, keep reading!! We are launching a call for artists registered on Wallspot to paint a large wall in Barcelona.HOW?All works created and posted on Wallspot will be checked. Works must be created and posted on Wallspot from April 2017 to October 2017. Only works created on Wallspot Barcelona are elegible. The artist will be selected through the following voting system:Likes on Wallspot's Instagram account (25% of total score)Votes fr...

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Valencia Intramurs is a project aimed at promoting the contemporary art embedded within the area enclosed by Valencia’s ancient walls. The historical center of Valencia is an emblematic location, a place that has for centuries been the birthplace of traditions and artists –where all kinds of cultural and social movements coexist– and which has always been known for its tolerant nature and whose bohemian style is still noticeable today. It is the perfect setting for an event that –for a whole...

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III Concurso de Murales de Arte Urbano de Puerto del Rosario

Festivals | 30-03-2017

Con esta iniciativa lo que se pretende es dar continuidad al Plan de Fachadas y Murales que, desde hace un año, viene llevando a cabo el Ayuntamiento de Puerto del Rosario a través de la Concejalía de Urbanismo.Con ello, a la vez que se continúa con esta labor de embellecimiento que tan buena acogida está teniendo por la población y por quienes nos visitan, se da oportunidad a artistas estén o no consagrados, a que sus trabajos sean expuestos en el lugar más visible: la vía pública. M...

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Festivals | 27-03-2017

Considerada una de las ciudades europeas más importantes en el campo de la producción plástica en graffiti y street art, Lisboa celebrará entre los días 25 y 28 de mayo la 2a edición del “MURO Festi-val de Arte Urbano”, una organización de la Galería de Arte Urbana de Lisboa, en colaboración con GEBALIS y el Ayuntamiento de Marvila.El festival tiene lugar en el contexto de “Pasado y Presente - Capital Iberoamericana de la Cultura de Lisboa, 2017”, una iniciativa de la UCCI - Unión de Ciudade...

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Festivals | 24-03-2017

Asalto is the international urban art festival of Zaragoza (Spain) and it is running since 2005. For Asalto, urban art means any kind of artistic or creative expression developed in the public space seeking to interact with the city anD the citizens. Art and creativity are very useful tools to create a better society. We are deeply convinced that the city (streets, squares, buildings and empty spaces) is the best scenario and the best workplace. For these reasons all the interventions an...

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Festivals | 21-03-2017

La Universitat Politècnica de València ha organizado el encuentro de arte urbano POLINIZA DOS 2017, intervenciones sobre pintura mural, entendiendo ésta como aquella pintura realizada sobre un soporte arquitectónico y que se relaciona plástica y simbólicamente con su entorno urbano. Toda la información:

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Interview Fernando Alcalá

Interviews | Fer Alcalá | 20-03-2017

My name is Fer Alcalá. I was born in Avilés (Asturias) and I moved to Barcelona 11 years ago. Skate led me into art and art led me into urban art. I don’t like to define myself as a photographer; I would rather say that I take pictures. Self-taught. Passion, patience, intuition and a good eye substitute my lack of technical skills. I’m into details, I like interacting with artists, with passers-by, with the city, with the streets. I am an observer, a witness and an admirer of people and moments....

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